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Miraculous Medal Extraordinary Experience Materialization

Miraculous Medal Extraordinary Experience Materialization

Dear Sara, my name is Rosanna, I want to tell you about an extraordinary experience that happened to me last year. It’s true that the Angels exist and I would like to explain to you why.
A year ago I was in Rome and I was given 2 little medals (of the Miraculous Madonna) and on my way home, as I usually do I give everything away, I gave the medals to the girl that helps me around the house (because she liked them)
A few months after this episode, I no longer even thought of it, one day I happened to find a website that talked about the history behind that medal and I got really interested in it because I did not know about it.
I remembered the episode of having given the little medals and to be honest I was quite upset, I wished I had not given them away as a gift. I went back home with the intent to look through all my drawers to look for another little medal (I was convinced that I had received other ones years previously). So I started searching for them, but I looked everywhere and there were none to be found.
I became very sad because I had given them away, and I fell asleep in a sad mood. The following morning, as I got up from the bed, as I put my hand under my pillow I touched something hard, I looked, and with my utter amazement two little medals just materialized. I was so shaken that even today I can not believe it, but I know I had not found those medals, so they could not possibly have been put there by me.
I can not explain this thing to myself, and when I tell it to other people it seems impossible, but this is the truth.
I gave away also those two medals to my little nieces who had a great need for prayers, and as usual I did not keep them for myself. I am sure that those medals helped them in their lives, and they have overcome dark moments through prayers.
I send you a goodbye and a strong kiss

Miraculous Medal Extraordinary Experience Materialization was told by Rosanna

And, to be complete, here is the story of the Miraculous Medal
In Paris, at the address 140 Rue Du Bac, there is a Sanctuary where you can find the Chapel of the miraculous Medal: it’s not very far from the Louvre, and it’s easily reachable by underground train, the stop is called Rue Du Bac.
The Chapel of the miraculous Medal attracts every year a million of pilgrims, people of all races and colors, they come here to the heart of Paris to look for an answer to their existential problems, to ask for graces from the Mother who knows everything and understands, and with whom one can vent, just like it’s only possible to do as when you are venting with your own mum, in utter silence, in an atmosphere or complete rapture and concentration.
It’s the mystery of Rue du Bac, a mystery that started 174 years ago, from the apparitions of the Holy Virgin to a young novice at the Daughters of the Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, her name was Caterina Laboure’, to whom the Madonna bestowed the realization of a medal that was going to be miraculous, and such medal has, for the last two centuries, been giving countless graces and prodigies across the entire world.
The very same Caterina Laboure’ tells the story of the apparitions: “It was the Fete of Saint Vincent (19th July 1830), the good Mother Martha (Director of the novices) at the eve of the fete gave us instructions on the devotion that is due to the Saints, and especially to the Madonna. This lit up a huge desire in me to see the Blessed Virgin, that I ended up going to bed that night with the thought of seeing my good Mother Celeste: I had been wishing to see her for a very long time. A little piece of cloth from a tunic from Saint Vincent had been distributed to each one of us, I cut half of it and I ate it. So I fell asleep with the thought that Saint Vincent would give me the grace to see the Madonna.
At eleven thirty I heard someone calling my name: “Sister Laboure’! Sister Laboure’!” I woke up, I looked at the direction the voice was coming from, toward the side of the bed, I pulled the blind and I saw a small Child dressed in white, about four or five years old, he said: “Come to the chapel now; the Madonna is waiting for you”
The small child led me to the presbytery, where I knelt on my knees, while the young Boy stood there the whole time. As I was beginning to think that it was taking very long, every now and then I would look over, for fear that the nuns, as they woke up, would come by the Gallery. Finally the long awaited moment arrived. The small Boy warned me, telling me “Here is the Madonna, here She is!” I felt a noise like the rustling of silk clothes, coming form the side of the Tribune, toward the painting of Saint Joseph, and I saw the Blessed Virgin going to rest on the steps of the Altar from the side of the Gospel.
Describing what I felt in that moment, what was happening inside me, is just impossible…. Me, staring at the Blessed Virgin, I jumped up and rushed towards her, and as I knelt on the steps of the Altar, I put my hands on Mary’s knees…. That was the sweetest moment of my life…. “My daughter – Told me the Madonna – God wants to give you a mission. You will have to suffer a lot for it, but you will gladly do it, knowing that it is for the glory of God. You will have the grace; of everything that is happening to you, with simplicity and confidence. You will see certain things, you will be inspired during your orations, report it to the one who takes care of your Soul”…..
How much time I actually spent with the Madonna, I could not tell you: all I know is that, after having talked to me for a long time, she left, disappearing like a vanishing shadow, going toward the tribune, the same place she came from. Once I went back to bed, I heard the clock signal two o’ clock in the morning, and I could no longer sleep”.
On November 27th of the same year, at five thirty in the afternoon, Caterina has another vision during the meditation in the chapel: she sees what seemed two animated pictures that move in front of her, crossing and disappearing with each other. In the first one, the Saint Virgin is standing up on a hemi globe (earth’s globe) and she holds in her hands a little golden globe. Mary’s feet are squashing a snake. In the other, from her open hands come rays of a blinding brightness. At the same time Caterina hears a voice, telling her: “These rays are the symbol of the graces that Mary obtains for mankind”.
Then an oval shape takes form around the apparition and Caterina finds herself writing in a semicircle this invocation, completely unknown to her beforehand, in golden letters: “Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who come to You”.
Immediately after that, the oval shape turns around and Caterina sees the other side: on the top, a cross is sitting on top of the letter M of Mary, on the bottom there are two hearts, one is crowned with spikes, the other pierced by a sword. Caterina hears these words: “Have a medal made, following this model. Those who will carry it with faith will receive great graces”.
Caterina tells her confessor, Father Aladel, the request made by the Madonna about the medal, but the Father reacts negatively and warns the novice not to think about these things anymore.
A few months later, once the votes were assigned, Caterina Laboure’ is sent to the Enghien Rest Home to look after elderly people. The young nun gets to work, but a voice inside her continues to prompt her “You need to make the medal”.
Caterina talks about it to her confessor again. In the meantime, in February 1832 in Paris explodes a terrible bout of cholera, which will claim more than 20,000 deaths. In June, the Daughter of the Charity begins to distribute the first 2,000 medals that had been made by Father Aladel. The healings started to multiply, just like the prodigious protections and the spiritual conversions did. The population of Paris begins to call it the “miraculous” medal.
In the autumn of 1834 there were already more than 500,000 medals. Just one year later, there were more than a million circulating. In 1839 the medal was distributed in more than ten million samples, and when Sister Caterina died in 1876, more than a billion medals had been made!

Miraculous Medal Extraordinary Experience Materialization Author article: Maria Di Lorenzo


Miraculous Medal Extraordinary Experience Materialization

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